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    Pac-Man Sandwich
    Food   /   Comments
    It¡¯s the Pac-Manwich, is actually a Manwich. Now eating your Pac-Man Sandwich!
    DD Flavored Jones Soda
    Food   /   Comments
    These awesome D&D-themed flavors of Jones Soda, including Dwarven Draught, Eldritch Blast, Bigby¡¯s...
    Starbucks Mooncake
    Food   /   Comments
    In China, Starbucks produces its own mooncakes during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. I want to...
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    how to make a radish mushroom
    Food   /   Comments
    How to make a radish mushroom and Mario mushroom, the flickr set, [ link ]
    Bento Box
    Food   /   Comments
    The funny bento box lunches by Laura Bento(flickr user).
    JD Bacon Flavored Lip Balm
    Skin   /   Comments
    Now you can make yourself taste like bacon. J&D's Bacon Flavored Lip Balm($13/Pack of 4) for Bacon...
    Rubiks Cubewich
    Food   /   Comments
    The "Rubix Cubewich" contains "cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of...
    Candy Board
    Food   /   Comments
    James Provost's girlfriend Sarah made this candy circuit board birthday cake topper. "Originally...
    Inhaled Chocolate
    Food   /   Comments
    The a new way of eating chocolate, by breathing it, It is Le Whif(EUR 10/pack of 6), a...
    The Go Plate
    Food   /   Comments
    The Go Plate($49/Pack of 42) let you hold your beer and food in one hand, and other hand in free....
    Titan All-in-One Razor
    This Titan all-in-one razor($10) has real shaving cream inside the handle for up to a week or more...
    Glowing Condoms
    Love Light is a phosphorescent condom that glow in the dark. Wow, what's picture in my head......
    Squeezable Bacon
    Food   /   Comments
    Wow,a very cool product, the Squeezable Bacon, it was used as an April Fool, but it is real!You can...
    Salami Square
    Food   /   Comments
    The Salami Square by Needle Noodles(flickr user).
    Super Mario Bros Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    Another Super Mario Cake by Dragonfly Doces.
    Pac-Man Power Pellet Sour Set
    Food   /   Comments
    Cute Pac-Man's power pellets($12 set of 3)! For Pac-Man fans. I love it! "This set of three sweet...
    Space Invaders Cupcakes
    Food   /   Comments
    The Space Invaders, Pacman and Super Mario Cupcakes by hello naomi. So cool! I love the Space...
    Food   /   Comments
    Eatphabet by Luiza p.(flickr user). Eating from A to Z!"This project was conceived as a way to...
    EVE egg and MO Peanut butter sandwich
    Food   /   Comments
    Cute! Egg EVE (with Plant) and Peanut butter sandwich Mo by anna.
    A Valentine Day Gift Box Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    It is cake? Yes, Cake! Bakerella show you how to make a Valentine's Day gift box Cake(Sweet Heart...
    Cookie-Eating Cookie Monster Cupcake
    Food   /   Comments
    The Cookie-Eating Cookie Monster Cupcake by Nick^D(flickr). Awesome!
    Circuitry Snacks
    Food   /   Comments
    How to make your circuitry snacks! Cool! You can make these for fun, for dessert, for your geek...
    Rainbow Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    I love this Rainbow Cake, so sweet! How to make a rainbow cake!
    Wall-E Sandwich
    Food   /   Comments
    We have seen a Wall-E Bento Now its creator Anna did a Wall-E Sandwich with cheese. Cute!
    MIHARU Intraoral Dental Camera
    If you want to check your teeth? What hides in your teeth inside the mouth is something we cannot...
    Swiss Chocolate Knife
    Food   /   Comments
    I like classic swiss army knife, but this Swiss Chocolate Knife, Cool or not, If you love it? The...
    Food   /   Comments
    If you want to eat the food uses your finger and not dirty your finger. World's first fully...
    The Rolling Razor
    If you looke for a very cool Razor? Rolling Razor($15) uses dual heads with six blades, looks like...
    Countact Lens Cases
    Is it time to replace your contact lenses? The Countact Lens Cases($34) with a simple LCD display...
    Soap Grenade
    The grenade soap($8) by Etsy user stinkybomb. Cool? Available in many colors."Cast from an actual...
    Spider Cakes
    Food   /   Comments
    I love these Spider Cakes! They look awesome and cute! From NotMartha.org. There's some tips...
    If you want the fresh O2? A POD(Personal oxygen device) company is selling the canned oxygen!"The...
    Ha Ha! It is for the men! The lady and girl can skip this story. The Condometric($TBD) is a condom...
    Slim Trim Razor
    The Slim Trim Razor separates the one blade into two, using a caliper you can ensure they are the...
    Toast Bandages
    If you like the toast? The Toast Bandages($5; Box), you may like. "Toast is much more than just a...
    iPhone Cupcakes
    Food   /   Comments
    Add a yesterday story. By Nick Bilton and Danielle Bilton. Won the The Cupcake Decorating...
    iPosture Posture Improvement Device
    The iPosture Posture Improvement Device($100) was created to serve as an aid to men and women in...
    Nike Air Max 90 Burger
    Food   /   Comments
    8 creatives/designers/photographers/artists/fraaaaaahhhh were asked to interpret 8 different Nike...
    If you want to have the perfect goatee? See the GoateeSaver($20). You just chomp on this bit and...
    Coca-Cola Light
    Food   /   Comments
    The pretty sexy Coca-Cola for this falll 2008 in the Italy. Designed by Roberto Cavalli - The...
    Chocolate Nike Sneaker
    Food   /   Comments
    +41 created these delicious miniature milk and chocolate shoes for the 25th anniversary of Nike's...
    Bacon Beans
    Food   /   Comments
    The Bacon Beans($5)?! Sixty bacon flavored jelly beans come in each 6" x 1" x 1" bacon shaped tin....
    Hint Water
    Food   /   Comments
    If you have drunk the Meat Water? Today we bringed the Hint Water($44/24 Bottles) with the new...
    Oregon Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer
    The day is hot now, if you want to protect you under the sun. Check out this Oregon Personal UV...
    Preserve Triple Razor
    They look green! The Preserve Triple Razor($TBD)'s handle is made from recycled plastic, including...
    Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer
    For those with no time to read the LCD display. The Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer($63) from...
    GE Caulk Singles
    Food   /   Comments
    "GE Caulk Singles, single-use disposable packages of caulk, reinvent the caulking experience for...
    Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    This is Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake at the Flickr' user M.A.L.'s wedding cake, the idea of the...
    If you started getting mosquito bites? When you first get bitten, simply put the clicker over the...
    Jones Soda Campaign Cola 2008
    Food   /   Comments
    who you want to vote for? Now you can do it, the Jones Soda's Campaign Cola 2008(6pack/$15) is "the...
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