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    Ferrolic Clock by Zelf Koelman
    Clock   /   Comments
    This is Ferrolic--a clock displays the time by manipulating magnetic fluids.Ferrolic was designed...
    Albert Clock Makes You Solve Math Equations for the
    Clock   /   Comments
    Called the Albert Clock, designers Axel Schindlbeck and Fred Mauclere of design studio MNTNT have...
    Clock   /   Comments
    MB&F Unveils Melchior for its 10th Anniversary. This robot is actually a table clock, is made...
    What time is it
    Clock   /   Comments
    What time is it?
    Clock   /   Comments
    ThePresent is an annual analog clock, displaying the present day, completing one revolution every...
    3P clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The 3P clock(3D clock), at frist glance, the 3P clock might appear to be for your bedside table....
    O Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The O' Clock designed by Okum Made is sculpted from solid hardwood. The cavity of the clock...
    Morse Code Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    A good idea to learn the morse code! Morse code at each number space identifies the time...
    Titanium Clock Radio
    Clock   /   Comments
    Designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright, the Lexon Titanium Clock AM/FM Clock Radio displays the time...
    Butterfly clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    With this dreamlike butterfly clock, you can watch how time "flies". It starts with the...
    Lithe Clock by Studiove
    Clock   /   Comments
    "Tel-aviv-based Studiove has designed a wall mounted clock with hands longer than an arm, but...
    Water Powered Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Bedol Water Clock works 100% on natural power. It's true. No batteries, no chemicals, no...
    Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks clock is created from 20x20 cm canvas by iamnahald.
    Glow in the Dark Moon Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    This glow in the dark moon clock is made up of authentic lunar images taken in Western France by...
    Nixie Ramos
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Nixie Ramos features four glowing nixie tubes that display the time, which designed to get you...
    Catena Wall Clock 814098255
    Clock   /   Comments
    The catena wall clock harkens back to traditional mechanical clocks. copper digits mounted onto a...
    Iconic Braun Travel Alarm Clock now
    Clock   /   Comments
    A 21st-century redesign of Dietrich Lubs' classic 1990 AB30 clock. From the website:...
    Defusable Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock that also lets you practice defusing...
    Book Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Book Clock by Shokoofeh Z.Dezfuli. You can buy from amazon, but it has terrible...
    Cuckoo clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Retro tick-tock chirps modern in asymmetrical white wood composite under hi-gloss burnt orange...
    Pixel Time Wall Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Pixel Time clock is really old-school, with monochrome graphics. Probably in a 80’s...
    OnTime Wall Clock 3min
    Clock   /   Comments
    This On-Time Wall clock from Italian clock maker Diamantini & Domeniconi can perpetually give...
    Melting Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Rests on the edge of any flat surface. 7.5"H x 5"W x 6"D.$14.99.
    Vegue Clock by Sejoon Kim
    Clock   /   Comments
    South Korea's Sejoon Kim has designed a clock where users have to feel the flexible face to...
    Clock Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    By Stockholm-based humans since 1982. 130cm x 45cm (51" x 18"). Apply at Phillips de...
    Manifold Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The hands of the Manifold Clock are connected by a colorful piece of tyvek, creating a 3D movement...
    Bremont B1 Marine Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Inspired by John Harrison's original Ships Chronometer Bremont is building a marine clock as a...
    One Perfect Cube
    Clock   /   Comments
    [ video: ]Time lapse video showing the work running for 24 hours. The work "One Perfect...
    Time Paper
    Clock   /   Comments
    Time Paper is the wall clock looks like a poster made by D-bros from Japan.
    Order in Chaos Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    "Order in Chaos clock" by Jean Cocteau.The "Order in Chaos" clocks - is a vivid...
    Vinyl Record Clocks RE_VINYL
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Clock made from recycled vinyl records, called RE_VINYL. By Pavel Sidorenko, a designer from...
    Clock for Night Owl
    Clock   /   Comments
    Clock for Night Owl designed by Tiancheng Luo.
    The Front Back Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Front & Back Clock designed by The Wrong Objects.The Front & Back Clock is powered by 2...
    Woodpecker Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    British designer Natalie Duckett has created an alarm clock that mimics the natural sound of a...
    Continue Time
    Clock   /   Comments
    By Sander Mulder."On this Continue Time Clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around...
    Reflectius Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Reflectius Clock features sixty rotating mirrors that successively reflect a single laser beam...
    Sony Alarm Clock Radio With Projector
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Sony ICF-C717PJ projection alarm clock is designed to project the time on your bedroom wall, or...
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