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    Blonder Slide Rule Wall Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    An interesting wall clock prototype inspired by a slide rule - Blonder Slide Rule Wall Clock. Hours...
    Clock Delay
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Clock Delay designed by Bas Van Leeuwen for Studio Bloomm. A mechanisme cosisting of three...
    LCD Clock Zer0000 Butterfly
    Clock   /   Comments
    I like this clock by Jan Habraken and Maarten Baptist. Digital LCD clock stripped down to the...
    Time Cube
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Time Cube($20) displays hours, minutes and seconds in an original design. The unusual design...
    CD Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    This giant LED clock big engoug to hold your CD. This CD Clock consisted of 4 pairs of CD storage...
    Clock   /   Comments
    A fun alarm - WAKE n' BACON by Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, Hsiao-huh Hsu. WHAT: An alarm clock...
    Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 561 Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Suspended in a bubble block of Baccarat crystal and powered by temperature change, Jaeger...
    Mr Clock Radio
    Clock   /   Comments
    If you want to wake up in a different way? This Mr Clock Radio($TBD) features can perform 50...
    Digimech Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Digimech-Clock by Duncan Schotton. "The sliders are gradually cranked up in accurate time. Upon...
    Lexon Around Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    A new way to show time. The Lexon Around Clock(EUR 30; about $45) design by Anthony Dickens....
    Roller Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    A very fun clock, like a toy! This Roller Clock($40) uses chrome ball bearings to tell time. A...
    TIX Led Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The TIX Led Clock($50) is really cool which features the four seperate fields act like the four...
    Massive Digital Ceiling Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Massive Digital Ceiling Clock, features 2 digits of 7-segment display, formed using industrial...
    Flying Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Another fun alarm clock. The Flying Alarm clock($25) wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm...
    Laser Target Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Laser Target Alarm Clock($20) is designed for you want to have fun in the morning and out of...
    Windmill Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The modern Windmill Clock - Kazadokei stands at 6.5 feet(2 meters). Designed by Nendo. It's...
    Black Board Magnetic Board
    Clock   /   Comments
    We have seen a TaskWatch Whiteboard. Today you will see this Black board & magnetic board(GBP 60;...
    Icon Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    We have reported the Icon Wach, today you can check out a Icon Clock($55) back home. Design by &...
    The Puzzle Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Reminiscent of the popular toy that you played with when you were a kid that required you to put...
    Oregon Scientific Projection Alarm Clocks
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Oregon Scientific Projection Alarm Clocks($40) is cool that it can project the current time and...
    Mystic Wall Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    If you want a clock that give you different feeling? The Mystic Wall Clock($TBD) epuipped with a...
    The Solar Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Do you trust the alarm clock can be powered by solar? Is Your bed not near the windowsill? The...
    Hotel Phone Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Now in your home, you can have a morning call by this Hotel Phone Alarm Clock(GBP 20; about $40)....
    DA Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Alvin Aronson has designed a beautiful clock that mimics the look of a traditional LED display, D/A...
    Blackboard Wall Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Blackboard Wall Clock($80), the time piece you can write on! It is eailsy reminded you when you see...
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