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Evolution of the Turtle Shell

Gear  |  Video
Evolution of the turtle shell based on developmental and fossil data. This animation is based on the work of Dr. Tyler Lyson, currently at the Smithsonian Institution. The animation shows how various fossils, particularly Eunotosaurus and Odontochelys, bridge the morphological gap between a generalized animal body plan to the highly modified body plan found in living turtles

I Don’t Even Know, A Stop-Motion Video of a Guy Flying on a Broomstick

Gear  |  Video
Ethan Nudd created a stop-motion video of he be flying around his back yard on a broomstick.

Surface Tension Droplets at 2500fps

Gear  |  Video
This video shows you the amazing bouncing water droplet effect super close up and super slow. Surface Tension Droplets at 2500fps by The Slow Mo Guys

2-Year-Old Boy & His Dad Perform The Beatles classic ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

Gear  |  Video
Two year old Diogo Mello and his father sing and play The Beatles classic ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Cute!

Color Film of the Streets & People of New York City in 1939 -  Looks Like Filmed Yesterday!

Gear  |  Video
French tourist Jean Vivier shot this incredible color footage of the streets and people of New York City in 1939.

Biosphere 2

Gear  |  Video
Twenty years ago, a group of scientists and freethinkers built an ark in the desert. Media attention and controversy surrounded it from the beginning. This is the real story.

Sad Dog Diary

Gear  |  Video
"Sad Dog Diary" by Ze Frank is a sadness-filled video about a group of depressed canines who reflect on the miserable events taking place in their lives.
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The Longboard Stroller

Gear  |  Video
The Longboard Stroller concept developed by Quinny and  Studio Peter van Riet. It comebines a skateboard with the stroller.

Flying from Mt. Everest

Gear  |  Video
Nearly 60 years to the day after the first ascent up Mount Everest, Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov (48) flew off the north face of Mount Everest - the world's highest BASE jump ever - 7220 meters (23,688ft) above sea level.

How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended

Gear  |  Video
This is how Iron Man 3 should have ended.

A record player that plays slices of wood.

Gear  |  Video
Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck's modified turntable read the rings on a slice of a tree and translate their thickness and strength into musical notes. Titled "Years".

Hot Dog & the City

Gear  |  Video
20 City-Specific Hot Dogs in 90 seconds.

Prancercise, A Springy Exercise Similar to a Horse’s Gait

Gear  |  Video
Prancercise by Florida-based fitness instructor Joanna Rohrback. Watch the video, Haha! She writes:
“springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation."  
If you’d like to learn more, read her book "Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence."
"Prancercise® programs offer a new way of moving, eating and thinking for optimal fun and fitness!"

Incredible Animal Defense Mechanisms

Gear  |  Video
Kevin Lieber talks about the amazing defense mechanisms of the Hairy Frog, Pangolin, Pistol Shrimp, Bombardier Beetle, Hagfish, Mimic Octopus, Boxer Crab and Goblin Shark.

Animals Are Awesome

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Animals are awesome.