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Can your baby do pull ups?

Gear  |  Video
9-10 months old Jonas he really really want to see what’s on the computer screen.

The Gorgeous Colours - Animal

Gear  |  Video
The lovely animation by Bruno Palma.
Music by "The Gorgeous Colours"

DoubleOh DoubleOh

Gear  |  Video
All 193* instances of someone saying "Double Oh" from all 23 James Bond films.

10 Amazing Practical Jokes

Gear  |  Video
10 Practical Jokes

Jetman flights in Swiss airspace.

Gear  |  Video
The ultimate dream of flight - soaring through the air, with total freedom in all three dimensions, not within a heavy and complicated machine but with only one's body and sensations - a dream everybody had at least once in their life.

The Hover Scooter - Barmy 1960s Vehicle

Gear  |  Video
The Hover Scooter, from British Pathe in 1960. A combination of a hovercraft and a scooter.

Phantom Flex Highlights

Gear  |  Video
Super slow motion highlights from Danish TV show "Dumt & Farligt". Awesome.
"Shot using a Phantom Flex camera (hence the name) that can cost upwards of $100k, it features the kind of scenes that you could only ever really dream of seeing before".

House of The Rising Sun - Musical Tesla Coils

Gear  |  Video
House of The Rising Sun played on 7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils.

The Video Game Rock Medley

Gear  |  Video
34 tracks from some of the most famous video games in one fluid rock medley!

GUNS (EM) by Eclectic Method

Gear  |  Video
This is a video(track) that consisting of guns in movies.

Man vs. Canada Goose

Gear  |  Video

Classic battle between man versus Canada goose. LOL!

Battlefield 5 on Google Glasses

Gear  |  Video
"How will Battlefield look like in the future?!?!"


Gear  |  Video
Short Animation by Paris Mavroidis
Music by Kaki King

The Harpsichord Maker

Gear  |  Video
Brief feature on Craig Tomlinson, a harpsichord maker based in West Vancouver, Canada.

Drifting Motorcycles Crossing - Motorcycle Gymkhana

Gear  |  Video
Riders : Jérémy Mérirès, Thomas Sagnier, Kevin Parussini