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Kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field

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This is kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field and he decides to get his dance on. Cool!

English and Empire - The History of English

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This is an animation shows the history of English.

A World I Never Made

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A flip-book short film by Rachel Kwak, the story based on English poet A.E. Housman‘s book of the same name.
Soundtrack: "Eon Blue Apocalypse" by Tool

Skateboarding in india

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Skateboarding in india! The video created for Oxelo Skateboards.

chicago sunrises for the month of June

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Craig Shimala woke up at 5am every day for a month to capture the sunrise on downtown Chicago, and turn it into a time lapse video.
"I used two cameras with a number of different lenses. A Canon 7D and an old Canon Rebel directly connected to a laptop. Unfortunately, the Rebel had some dirty sensor issues so some shots are not perfect. The majority of the shots were taken every 5 to 10 seconds and then stitched together as a sequence using Quicktime Pro at 60 fps. The final edit was done in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. "

Music video: L.O.V.E. BANANA

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I love it.
Production HARDCUORE
Creation and Direction Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes
Photography Tiago Lins
Executive Producer Duda Salgado D'Almeida
Styling Roberta Stamatto
Beauty Josef Chas
Beauty Assistant Marcelly
Post production HARDCUORE
Edition Lexx Fuegobutt
General assistant Anja Kocovic
Client Man Recordings (Berlin - DE)

Giant rock skip discus throw thing.

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Here is a guy skipping a giant rock. Awesome!


Gear  |  Video
First person Pac-Man highway version!

beet cake

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This is a short video that shows you how to make a beet cake. Beautiful, cool.


Gear  |  Video
Music - Blackbird Blackbird "Pure" //
Skateboarding - Aryeh Kraus

Augmented Reality Cinema

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Augmented Reality Cinema is a upcoming app that allows user to watch the scenes from a movie that were shot at their current location.

Nyan Cat (Indian Bollywood Version)

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"Nyan cat transforms to Indian cat and run through the Taj Mahal. "
Haha, Nyan Cat dance!

'The Matrix' Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack

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Complete with sound FX!! ...Guns go "pew pew" right!

Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy)

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If you Remember the old dial-up internet connections? This is the Dial-up sound slowed down 700%, the most horrible sound in the world .

Splitscreen: A Love Story

Gear  |  Video
Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 phone.(Winner of Nokia Shorts competition 2011)