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Gear  |  Video
Made by Buck
Lead design by Christopher Silas Neal.
Client: Umbro
Carlos Alberto Torres arrived in New York on July 13 1977, in the midst of the blackout. In this video, Carlos recollects his time in New York City.

Tooth Fairy Affair

Gear  |  Video
By Izabela Melamed, the animation, using pencil on paper.
Music: Jack Brewer.

2D Photography Rube Goldberg

Gear  |  Video

2D Photography's Cool Photography-themed Rube Goldberg Machine, check out the video.

Stunt Driver Brings Shrieking Mom Along for Laps Around Race Track

Gear  |  Video
"Taking my mom for a ride around Laguna in the Z06. " By Dariuskhashabi.

Guitar Oscillations Captured with iPhone 4

Gear  |  Video
Youtube justkylevids drop his iPhone into acoustic guitar, filming from inside the guitar and strum a bit.
*Note this effect is due to the rolling shutter, which is non-representative of how strings actually vibrate

Painting Reality

Gear  |  Video
500 liters of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint on asphalt spread by 2000 cars. 
Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin
By IEPE & the anonymous crew 
directed by AKIZ

meat shoe

Gear  |  Video
This is a making of the AIR METT 90, made out of meat and others, by artist Henning Hüttner for the party celebrating Sneaker Freaker’s second issue.

fastest kickflip

Gear  |  Video
This is a video show the skaters trying to achieve the fastest kickflip.

Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)

Gear  |  Video
A live mashup using over 35 songs, and sounds cool!

Half-Life fan film

Gear  |  Video
A few dedicated people (including Hey Ash Whatcha Playin' contributor Justin Yngelmo) put in about one year's work to make Half-Life - Singularity Collapse.

Moscow's 760-Pound Aluminum Duck

Gear  |  Video
760-pound aluminum duck  with columns of flame that whoosh 30 feet in the air and a quacking horn, powered by up to four bicycle-pedaling people.


Gear  |  Video

It is an animated book containing the recipes for Alfred Hitchcock’s classics. It’s made for Hitchcock enthusiasts and every other couch potato out there.
Concept: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, Torsten Strer
Layout / Animation: Pascal Monaco, Felix Meyer
Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Sound Technician: Dirk Austen / Paul Productions
Voice: Peter Bennett

Stop Motion Zelda Paper Animation

Gear  |  Video
This is a papercraft stop motion animation shows some adventures of Link of Legend of Zelda .

Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera 1957

Gear  |  Video
Walt Disney explains his invention - Multiplane Animation Camera in 1957. Probably the most advanced tool ever made in the field of animation. (At least until the computer was made.)

Kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field

Gear  |  Video
This is kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field and he decides to get his dance on. Cool!