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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

Gear  |  Video
A short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)

Music video: OK Go + Pilobolus - All Is Not Lost

Gear  |  Video
Directed by OK Go, Pilobolus and Trish Sie
Produced by Shirley Moyers
Director of Photography: Yon Thomas
Edited by Paula Salhany

Second Hand

Gear  |  Video
The term "second hand" refers to the ticking hand on a clock; it also describes re-used items. Would you rather save time? Or save stuff? This film examines the imbalance and waste created by these modern obsessions.
By Isaac King.

Stop Motion

Gear  |  Video
This is a stop motion video using 350,000 post-it notes.

Lara plays Rebecca Black and Nyan Cat AT THE SAME TIME on piano

Gear  |  Video
Check out the video.

The Village

Gear  |  Video
This is a tilt-shift video shows this little village, lovely!
Image: Daniel Espírito Santo
Camera Assistant: João Botas
Editing: Pedro Sousa

Local Vocal - 90's Dance acapella medley mix

Gear  |  Video
"No instruments, just a capella - Danish acapella vocal group - specialising in nordic vocal soundtradition and paying our tribute to the 90's dance hits in our own a capella way. "

Kinect Music Video with BELL

Gear  |  Video
Music video - Chase No Face using the Kinect, a laptop, and LED projector

Matta - Release The Freq

Gear  |  Video
Official video for Matta’s Release The Freq, from the album "Prototype".

Star Wars Smoking PSA

Gear  |  Video

Star Wars Smoking PSA! C3-PO schooling R2-D2 on why it is not good to smoke. 

Defective Detective

Gear  |  Video
A film by Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis debuting exclusively in the the Cartoon Brew's 2nd Student Animation Festival.


Gear  |  Video

The short film about a man and his 40-year old Dodge Charger.

Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time (remix to Benny Benassi Presents the Biz)

Gear  |  Video
The footage is from the original 1968 "Planet of the Apes"
The music is a medley of songs from Benny Benassi Presents The Biz- "Hypnotica" album (Get Loose, Satisfaction, Time, I Wanna Touch Your Soul)
Directed, Edited, Concept by Brad Hasse

I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

Gear  |  Video
A short monologue from the perspective of the typeface comic sans.
The original monologue was written by Mike Lacher​links/​monologues/​15comicsans.html
Filmed & Edited by Joe Hollier

Red Bull breakdancing contest

Gear  |  Video
"Teatre Grec hosted one of the most prestigious B-boying international events. More than 1,400 people have attended Red Bull BC One Qualifier and witnessed the victory of the Portuguese Lagaet, who has already ensured his participation in the World Final, where the best 16 B-boys in the world will compete on November 26th in Russia. " Cool!