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11-month-old twin girls dancing to Daddy's guitar

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The adorable twin girls, 11 months old, are dancing to their Daddy's guitar happily.
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Time-Lapse Music Video: Dream Music

Gear  |  Video

Created By: Marc Donahue & Sean Michael Williams

Lago Maggiore - Timelapse

Gear  |  Video
Timelapse sequences shot at the Lago Maggiore in Italy, during the first week of august 2012.
Created with Adobe After Effects CS6 and Final Cut 7.

The pleasure of

Gear  |  Video
...simple things of everyday life. Made by Italy-based filmmaker Vitùc.
shot with 7d/ lens f 1.4 24mm canon
some shots with iPhone 4S
sound Rode svm, zoom h4, micro on camera
underwater shots with dicapac

Video: A Day in Pompeii

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This is an animated film used to depict the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in August, 79 AD.

Bacon is Done

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Stick a fork in bacon, Internet. Bacon's done.

Geese Get Escorted

Gear  |  Video
Here is the video of some geese walking through the street, complete with musical accompaniment.

Video: Guy riding a tiny bike

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In this Russian video, a guy pulls a tiny bicycle out of his backpack and ride it! Cool! [ Youtube ]

Earthrise from the moon

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Earthrise on November 7, 2007 from Japan's Kaguya (Selene) orbiter.  [ Youtube ]
Set YouTube to full-screen 1080p.
Absolutely stunning.
"It was nearly 43 years ago that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.
The last men to do so were Harrison Schmidt and Eugene Cernan in December 1972."

Call Me Maybe Video Supercut

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A collection of some of the best Call Me Maybe Tributes and Parodies
Includeing Star Wars, Harvard Baseball Call Me Maybe, SMU Women's Rowing, Batman Maybe, Cookie Monster Share, Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama and more.

Makin' Bacon Pancakes 10 HOUR VERSION!

Gear  |  Video
Awesome! 10 HOUR version!
"Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes, take some bacon and I'll put´╗┐ it in a pancake, bacon pancakes, that's what its going to make, Bacon pancaaaaaaaaake"

Games We Play

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What games do you play? #gamesweplay
music: superhumanoids "cranial contest"

Walk the line between two speeding trucks

Gear  |  Video
World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey battles in the wind to cross the line between two speeding trucks before they entered a tunnel.

Filmed on an unopened highway in Croatia in cooperation with Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero (James Bond, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean.) Directed by Academy Award nominee Henry Alex Rubin. Music by J. Ralph / The Rumor Mill.

Stop-Motion Excel

Gear  |  Video
The Excel spreadsheet program becomes so interesting with stop-motion animation! Cool!
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Gear  |  Video
Ore Peleg: Director. Story. Animation. Compositing.
Roni Cohen: Art. Modeling. Lighting. Rendering.
Rea Meir: Original Score
Masha Druyan: Art, Character Modeling
Dori Adar: Sound Desig