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the dance of the light bulbs

Gear  |  Video
This is a video showing the dance of light bulbs.

Fires over London

Gear  |  Video
Itdrewitself created this timelapse video showing the fires over London after the riots that erupted last week.
"After hearing rumour's of rioting erupting in North London on Saturday we looked out over Tottenham to see smoke billowing up from the horizon, eventually turning into what seemed like a blazing inferno.

Time lapse shot as the flames burnt out into early Sunday morning. "

OTIS video

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This is the Kanye/Jay-Z jam “Otis” cut to footage of “Milo and Otis”

In The Fall

Gear  |  Video
"A short hand-drawn animation created in Adobe Flash and After Effects about one mans reflection on his life. Music by Guided by Voices."

Buying a Cow in Old English

Gear  |  Video
Eddie goes to Friesland to try and speak old english. Apparently the english language as we know it originated from holland in its earliest form 1000 years ago (old english). Eddie proves it by going to holland to buy a cow...

Ever New...New York, 1962

Gear  |  Video
A film about changes in New York City and the building of the Equitable Life Assurance Co building in 1962.

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Gear  |  Video
This film was made for the Nokia Shorts 2011 competition. It tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box, and was shot on a Nokia N8.

8 Hours in Brooklyn

Gear  |  Video
All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC.
Shot on Rule Boston Camera's Phantom Flex camera.

Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel
Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb
Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett
Executive Producer: James Douglas
Production Company: Next Level Pictures

Song used: Skream - "Where you should be"

Past Versions of Our Future

Gear  |  Video
Clip from 1964 BBC Horizon programme

Washed Out - Before

Gear  |  Video
jetset. glamour.

The Fastest Living Thing on the Planet

Gear  |  Video
Did you know what it was? It was the Pilobolus fungus spore.

Metropolis II by Chris Burden

Gear  |  Video
A short doc about a kinetic sculpture that took four years to build and features many toy cars and trains running through an infrastructure.

LA Light

Gear  |  Video
Song by Cinematic Orchestra‚Äč

Shot with a 5D MK II and a 7D

Street Fighter Stop Motion - Ryu VS Ken

Gear  |  Video

"In this video I try to make the fight back to original and not to use too much special effets, hope you guys like it, this took me around 1 month for the proccesing, and yeap I am already working with Halo and the next one will come first with the hot girl gun fight, wish you guys enjoy the show...Thanks :D "

Monty python venus animation

Gear  |  Video
This is an animation by Terry gilliam. It shows venus dancing in Monty Python's "And now for something completely different". (turn down the volume)