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Kids Create Bellagio-style Water Show in Pool

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Kids doing a choreographed routine using water guns in a neighborhood pool. Cool!

Schrodinger's Cat

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Henry Reich of Minute Physics created a new One-Minute Physics animation to explain the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment in a hurry. Cute cartoon.


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It's The 90S!


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This is a stop motion video that shows the happenings at a studio office in a very cool musical way.
sound mixed by ERIK RASMUSSEN at Observatory Studios

30 ways to kill a cowboy

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30 ways to kill a cowboy! This is done for the iPhone/iPad game Ready Steady Bang.

dubstep dance

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This is a very cool  video shows off some dance skills, human slo-mo...

Music video: Insane Office Escape

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This is a first person video music video directed by Ilya Naishuller for the song 'The Stampede'. Cool! 

Sub City New York and Paris

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They are two short films about that moment in New York and Paris when you emerge from the subway and find yourself in a new and sometimes unexpected world. The first city is New York and the second is Paris.
By Sarah Klein and Tom Mason
Concept by Jennifer McClory
Music by Erik Satie


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'When what you see is not what you get'
The 2D version of the 3D short film by Alexei Popogrebsky.
We used the opportunity to test some concepts in 3D and see how it would translate to 2D, and vice versa. Originally part of the Experiment 5ive omnibus -- . (Hence the black envelope with the picture inside, which had to be the common element of all 5 films)
A very cool short film by Alexei Popogrebsky.

LYNX - Rules to Rugby

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LYNX wants everyone to understand the rules of the rugby.

The City

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"This timelapse is about a year in the making. I started sometime in June of 2010 and finished it on August 19, 2011. It wasn't constant work of course, just working on it every now and then. I'd estimate I have invested anywhere between 250 and 300 hours on it. Most of this was time I spent walking, biking, or riding the bus to locations I was shooting. There are very few locations I used a car to get to. Total frame count is about 28,000 frames and 85 different shots. "
Canon 5D and 5D Mark II
Canon 16-35mm L
Canon 70-200mm L IS
Canon 15mm Fisheye
Satechi TR-A Timer Remote Control
Slik Pro 700DX Tripod
Manfrotto 322RC2 Tripod Head
Music is "Dayvan Cowboy" by Boards of Canada

Danger Planet

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This is an animated Sci-Fi short created by students at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee.

going to the store

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normal guy normal walk.
Directed by David Lewandowski
Music is Jean Jacques Perrey's "Little Ships"
"This is a short I made for the final episode of "Everything," an anthology series at Channel101."

Music video: Fanfarlo - Replicate

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Directed by Alex Southam

The Alphabet 2

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The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment - is a developmental spelling - video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself.
music track:
Fréhel "Tel qu'il est" 1936