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Earth amazing sights

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Amazing sights of the beautiful and wonderous world we live in.
Music: Loreena McKennitt - Night Ride Across the Caucasus

Hello Again Juneau

Gear  |  Video
A quick tour of Alaska's capital city Juneau. By David Reed. Music by Jolie Holland.

Indian Dubstep

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This music video is duad - me (Johnnathan Gerard). Cool!

Brendon Grimshaw, 86 Year Old Owner of a tropical island

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Brendon Grimshaw was editor to some of the most important newspapers in Africa. But in 1972, he gave it all up to go and live on Moyenne Island, which he purchased for ten thousand pounds. In the thirty-six-years that he has lived on the island, Brendon and his friend, Rene Lafortune, planted sixteen-thousand trees, built 4,8 kilometres of nature paths, and brought and bred 110 giant land tortoises, creating an island of incredible beauty now worth 34 million Euros. Come with us on this journey and discover why an 82-year-old man fears his island will one day be destroyed by the ever-expanding reach of our insatiable desires...

See the unseen: Cymbal at 1,000 frames per second.

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This slow-motion video of a cymbal of being struck, impressive!
Shot with a Phantom at 1,000 frames per second.

The Duoped 1950s

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The Duoped is a little two-wheeled human-powered vehicle from the 1950s.

25 Men Jump into a Swimming Pool

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This is crazy!

Pursuit of Light

Gear  |  Video

In this awesome new short, NASA presents the Earth, the planets, the Sun, and the endless universe beyond. Come for the cool, stay for the music, take away a sense of wonder to share. It's six minutes from Earth to forever..

Skydiving With A Kayak!

Gear  |  Video
Danger man Miles Daisher casts a bizarre image paddling across the sky - 13,000 feet up in a KAYAK.

Samsara Trailer

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The stunning new trailer for Samsara offers a tantalizing peek at the dozens of exotic locations visited by the filmmakers in their quest to capture the “ever turning wheel of life” on Earth.
"Samsara takes the form of a guided meditation that will transform viewers as they are swept along a journey of the soul. Through powerful images photographed in 70mm and a dynamic music score, the film illuminates the links between humanity and the rest of the nature."

Melvin the Mini Machine

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"Conveniently built in two old suitcases, Melvin the Mini Machine is a Rube Goldberg machine specifically designed to travel the world. Each time Melvin fully completes a run, he ‘signs’ a postcard and sticks a stamp to it - making it ready to be sent."

Doodle Music

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Math artist Vi Hart illustrates the relationship between music and mathematical symmetry.

The Camera Collection

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This is a ittle animated short showing modernization of cameras.

Video Puzzle

Gear  |  Video
Four very quick hands move around four iPhones, choreographing a typography music video for the popular Fun song.

Kim Il-Sung's 100th Birthday Celebration In North Korea

Gear  |  Video

By Patrik Wallner.
"Traveling to the Hermit Kingdom is already bizarre enough, but when we heard that North Korea would be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Great Leader & eternal president, Kim Il-sung, there was no way to let such an epic birthday party slip through our hands."