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Android Dreams

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This is a beautiful time-lapse video of Tokyo, by Samuel Cockedey.

Dubstep Dancing

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iglide dancing. Cool 

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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Stay hungry, stay foolish.

The Carpenter

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The first of a series of short films regarding the art & science of professionals working with their hands.
music - The Three Corners of the Earth, The Fire Shall Devour Us
(shot using available light, with Canon 5D+7D, edited in Final Cut Pro X, tracked with PFTrack, composited in After Effects)

Koi Observation Tower

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German aquaculturist TCHelmut put a glass observation tower in his koi pond. The fish get a good view of their surroundings and people get a good view of the fish. Cool idea!
More video at YouTube channel, including the installation of the tower and how it looks at night.

Juggling & Solving Rubik’s Cubes at the Same Time

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David Calvo is Juggling + Solving the Rubik's Cube.

Slow Motion Water Video

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Slow Motion Water Video. Amazing

Halloween Light Show 2011

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2011 Halloween Light Show -- This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
"4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. Most all lights have been changed from incandescent to RGB LED so power consumption is a lot less than previous years. Also DMX added to show. All lights, faces and props are custom made (DIY) by me except for the roof line which are CCRs. Controlling channels have gone up 8X from last year. 1144 channels. Light-O-Rama. Riverside, CA"
[ Youtube ]

Midnight Sun- Iceland

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This is a beautiful time-Lapse of Iceland’s Sunlit Summer Nights film. By Joe Capra.
"This short time lapse film was shot during the Icelandic Midnight Sun in June of 2011.
For 17 days I travelled solo around the entire island shooting almost 24 hours, sleeping in the car, and eating whenever I had the time. During my days shooting this film I shot 38,000 images, travelled some 2900 miles, and saw some of the most amazing, beautiful, and indescribable landscapes on the planet."

A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4s Song)

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Jonathan Mann's duet with Apple's newest personal assistant Siri, haha! 

This is my winter - Teaser

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French snowboard alpinist Xavier de Le Rue, returns with a TimeLime Films release of This is My Winter, "a movie giving mountain lovers a unique chance to experience the mountain from Xavier de Le Rue’s point of view"

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison

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This is a side by side camera comparison of 1080p HD video. Robino Films made a little rig that allowed he to shoot both cameras at the same time side by side.

A video shot on the iPhone 4S

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Benjamin Dowie got an iPhone 4S, and shot some stuff to see what the new camera is like on the 4S.
"It's actually amazing. The automatic stabilisation seems to work wonders, and gets rid of most the jello. Depth of field is flipping awesome. Colours are really good straight out the camera, but I did give this footage a slight grade with the 3-way colour wheel in Final Cut"

The Assumption Song

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Ever think dirty?
Funny song!
Animation by Chris O'Neill.
Music by The Arrogant Worms

4001 post-its for Steve Jobs

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4001 post-its to honor Steve Jobs legacy with a portrait posted outside of the apple store Munich