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Pure Smoke by Jason Brumbalow

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"Pure Smoke is a complete 180 from standard tricky-tricks.
You will produce smoke from your bare hands whenever you want. Thick, vaporous smoke.... and SAFE"

Metal Slug video game in Real Life

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Andrew battles the baddies from Metal Slug. Cool

Iceman: Wim Hof ran a half marathon above the Arctic Circle - barefoot

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Wim Hof has trained himself to stay warm in extremely cold environments.
He ran a half-marathon above the Arctic Circle in January of 2007 — barefoot and wearing only a pair of shorts and a watchcap — with the ground (snow) temperature 35° below zero.
He has been shown under controlled conditions to be able to regulate his core body temperature voluntarily.
Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Welcome to Kitty City

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Cyriak's latest crazy weird video, featuring morphing  kitty cats all over the place. Please drive carefully

D-PAN ASL Music Video "We're Going To Be Friends"

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Produced by D-PAN, the Deaf Professional Arts Network, some super cute kids signing the lyrics to The White Stripes’ “We’re Going to be Friends".

Music video: In Your Arms - Kina Grannis

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A music video used 288,000 jelly beans, and took 22 months to complete.  Directed by Greg Jardin. Features:
22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
288,000 jelly beans

Don't swim after lunch

Gear  |  Video
Impressive 3D animation.
Direction & Design /// Jens Blank
Prod. Company /// MCQ Films
DOP /// David Liddell
Sound /// Jussi Honka
Music /// Paul Pringle
additional animation /// Bence Varga & Balogh Zsolt

Spectacular Time Lapse Dam "Removal" Video

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The White Salmon River in Washington state is flowing again as the nearly 100-year-old Condit Dam was disabled with explosives Wednesday. The reservoir draining took about 2 hours. Further demolition is scheduled in 2012. The event is a significant milestone for river restoration and dam removal nationwide.


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Stop Motion Animation "I LOOK & MOVE" about all those people who were able to turn this world, to change something, build something, create something and do something that leaves a mark on our planet.
This video looks cool!


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"A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena"
Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor Clive unexpectedly caught a rather large murmuration on video while canoeing on the River Shannon in Ireland. A collection of starlings is called a murmuration.
[ vimeo ]

Battle Roulette Hand Skills

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The butterfly knife dancer and his grandma are back, this time is 'a girl' showing off her Battle Roulette hand skills while her grandma and brother watch.

Microsoft "Meet the Family" 1999 Concept Video

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This is a Microsoft concept video from 1999. See if you can spot the ideas that begat Windows Mobile, MSN Explorer, Tablet PC, Games for Windows and more.

Sixteen tiny electric helicopters team up to lift a human

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At the end of October 2011, Thomas Senkel of e-volo made the first manned flight with an e-powered multicopter at an airstrip in the southwest of Germany. The flight lasted one minute and 30 seconds, after which the constructor and test pilot stated: "The flight characteristics are good natured. Without any steering input it would just hover there on the spot". This could be the future of flight, piloting a device as simple as a car.

Cutting open a coconut Hawaii vs Trinidad

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How to cut open a coconut the real way - Hawaii vs Trinidad.

A Year in New York

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"Living in New York I'd grab my Canon 7D, or S95, and shoot footage of what was going on around me. It seemed like a never ending project and you could stay filming life in New York for a long time. But eventually I put my camera down and started to edit. Here's the end result, it's a bit rough and ready but that's life in the Big Apple I guess. "