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Gotye - Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

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Gotye recreated Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra, a music video includes a bunch of fan-made covers and parodies...
"All audio and video in Somebodies is from the YouTube user videos featured, each of them a cover or parody of Somebody That I Used To Know. No extra sounds were added to the mix, but I used some EQ, filtering, pitch-shifting and time-stretching to make the music."

Counting Song

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Directed by Cyriak
Illustrations - Sarah Brown
Song - Adam Buxton
Song production - Stuart Earl

The Human Jukebox

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The guys of cdza created a fun way to make money - with different song options in the jars and people “vote” on what they want to hear by dropping money in that jar. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money.

Batman : Dark Knightfall

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"Batman: Dark Knightfall" Full version.
A Batman fan made stop-motion animation
Directed by Hong Kong based directors Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks co.
Using Batman toys. Cool

Olympics 2024

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Olympics 2024.

The vintage singing dog

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Here is a dog singing along with his owner in 1934. The Original Singing Dog. An animal with talent.

life hacks spoof

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Don’t try these at home.

Too Much Olympics

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From the Glove and Boots show. Mario has had enough of the Olympics.
Fafa loves the Olympics. Gorilla thinks Olympics is meh.

[Video] The Bacon Song

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This song is about that most wonderous of meats, the bacon, by Weebl’s Stuff. [ Youtube ]

Usain Bolt vs every 100m medalist

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Watch the New York Times breaks down the evolution of the human race, using every 100-meter gold medalist since 1896.

Textually Active

Gear  |  Video
The art of text messaging and how people mess it up!

Fire Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys

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Shot at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera.

Conan Super Slow-Mo Camera Moments

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Conan's slow-motion camera moments are fired up by the Olympics.
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Homemade Highlights: Olympic Badminton Scandal

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Eight badminton players were disqualified from the London Games on Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal Journal replays the action... with clothespins puppets.

Nyan cat - All 151 Pokemon

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This animated video features 151 "original" Pokemon as Nyan cat. It took about 150hours to complete with around 4000 individual images.