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Beard Punch

Gear  |  Video
Shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the 20mm Lumix lens.
Music by 2 Live Crew & Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (AKA Brite Futures).

Fishing Under Ice

Gear  |  Video
Everything is upside down! The fishermen are standing on the underside of the ice
Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland.
Music: Stefano Mocini; The end of the doubs

Around The World Time Lapse

Gear  |  Video
17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey. Kien Lam writes:
"After I quit my job last year, I packed a bag, grabbed my camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 17 countries later, I put together this time lapse video of the many amazing places I came across. "

Road Rag

Gear  |  Video
By Nick Khooplus.
"Dedicated to all those jerks who cut me off on the road. You know who you are... "

Pelicans and Flying Rays

Gear  |  Video
Pelicans and the incredible flying Devil Rays in the Sea of Cortez.

Morning Mug


Gear  |  Video

Designer Damion O'Sullivan really understands those of us who need time to wake up in the mornings. When cold, his morning mug displays a sleeping face white on black.

Price: $29   |   BUY

A Short History of the Modern Calendar

Gear  |  Video
This is a short film that shows the history of the modern calendar.

100 Years in 10 Minutes (1911 - 2011 in 10 Minutes)

Gear  |  Video
Compilation of the last 100 years.

Flower Warfare: The Beginning

Gear  |  Video
Flower Warfare's new video...

New York City in 1938

Gear  |  Video
Take a tour of New York City in 1938.

The Ender Scrolls V: Minerim Trailer

Gear  |  Video
"The trailer was made as a way to give some lovin' to these awesome games."

Stormy Sea and Ships

Gear  |  Video
Music: Clint Mansell -- Lux Aeterna

Your Bag's Journey

Gear  |  Video
Watch where your bags go after they pass through those black rubber flaps at the airport.


Gear  |  Video
Director: Peter Peake
Cast: Bill Bailey, Martin Trenaman and Simon Greenall

12 Drawings a Day - 12 Dessins par Jour

Gear  |  Video
By Denis Chapon.
"During 3 years (2008-2011) i have been drawing 12 drawing of animation every day, it make one second of film."