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    This is the Nintendo NES/reNESED conecpt design. By Javier Segovia. It bring me back to child memories, the wirelss gamepad used the classic Nintendo gamepad design. I like it.
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    Designed by the Korea's Wilson Song. Instead of just having power outputs on one end of an extension cord, Placing the multiple outlets along the entire length of an extension cord, it seems like a good idea. If this concept design is possible, I think first they should resolve the electric issues. But It is a great concept design for the Extension Cord.
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    belOga comes with a big "O", and an even bigger circular touch-screen which replaces the usual scheme of buttons and controls. This sewing machine concept was designed by Kristine Bruckner, an industrial design graduate from the Munich's University of Applied Sciences with an impressive portfolio. The belOga makes sewing more fun. It also includes a screen that will show what the stitch will look like in advance. It is currently only a design project by Bruckner.
    The concept TV remote - Ceramic Remote Control which design by the Yuta Watanabe. It unlike most infrared remote's sharp, more simple. If you like tossed around like a plastic one, best leave it away. And It designed simple and looks pretty.
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