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blink(1), A Hackable USB LED Indicator Light

By Ben on Mon Jul 16 2012
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blink(1) is a hackable LED indicator light that plugs into any USB port. It's a USB indicator light, a fully programmable indicator of new emails, weather conditions, Twitter notifications… anything you want.
Do you want to know if a friend has signed onto Skype, but don’t want a window popping up every time anyone has logged on? Do you want to be notified when a long download has finished? Do you want to know the snow conditions at Tahoe without checking every hour? Do you want to make a “busy” light for your office that glows red when your calendar says you’re in a meeting?
You can do all four at once: you can simultaneously control as many blink(1)s as you have USB ports. Have a 36-port USB hub? You can fill it with 36 blink(1)s, each of which is showing a different piece of information.

it’s $30 for one, on a fully funded Kickstarter project.