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    Yana Klimava Virtuo Conecpt

    Yana Klimava Virtuo
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    If you want to learn painting? Maybe the Virtuo conecpt by designer Yana Klimava, it is a good beginning. There is no wasted paints and without having to dirty your hands. The Virtuo includes an art pallet, a charger, five various art tools and is works by electromagnetism to prevent quick battery loss. It also includes a undo function allowing you go back your last step! Cool, I love this fun!
    The palette uses Bluetooth technology for communicating with the computer.
    It mimics real paint mixture techniques with LED lights. The user can also mix
    dark colours due to the special coating on the palette¡¯s surface. The amount of
    paint ¡°picked up¡± by the tool is determined by the amount of time the tool
    spends on the mixed colour.
    The tools, consisting of a pencil, paintbrush, palette knife, airbrush and pastel,
    use sensors to translate the user¡¯s gestures into visual information. Taking a
    palette knife as an example, it would use pressure and accelerometer sensors to
    translate its position and pressure on the screen into an appropriate stroke.
    Virtuo comes with software that is based on the real painting process: minimal,
    leaving the user free to experiment. Most of the time it would look like a blank
    piece of canvas, with a simple drop down menu showing only when the user
    wants to start a new digital painting, save, close it or open a previously started
    one. The really cool thing about this software is that it would treat all the digital
    materials used on the canvas as real ones. Ex. You would not be able to erase paint,
    only paint over it. It would also have only a limited number of ¡°undo¡± steps to
    encourage the insecure user to practice by correcting rather than erasing.

    Yankodesign Via Ubergizmo

    By Ben on Fri Oct 24 2008
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