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    By Ben on Sun Aug 14 2011
    XViz One Handed Calculator

    XViz One Handed Calculator
    Gear  |  Office
    Famed robot designer Tatsuya Matsui created this slim calculator released by stationary maker Kokuyo.
    Not only sleek and cutting edge, but also very comfortable to use with just one hand.
    Although the possibilities are endless for a one-handed calculator, it is especially good for business people on the go, leaving your other hand to take notes, and convenient for taking shop inventory or orders.
    • 10-digit display
    • Display shows date and time
    • Intuitive arc-shaped key design
    • Slim design: 32 × 162 × 12mm
    • History of previous calculations appear at bottom

    White or black; matte finish.

    Source   |   Price: $75   |   BUY