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Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano

By Ben on Fri Mar 2 2012
WristMounted Finger Piano
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This Japan's wrist-Mounted finger piano from thinkgeek lets you do that by expressing your inner Elton John without having to carry around a huge keyboard. Each finger thingie plays a note when you press it on a hard surface. Add three more buttons/notes on top of the wrist unit.
"The Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano has three volume levels and three sound banks. It's the sound banks that really make this special. Sure you can play piano (sound 1) or bells (sound 2), but what sets the Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano apart from all other instruments (and makes it wonderfully Japanese) is sound 3: cat. That's right, you can play a full scale (and chords, thanks to the polyphonic nature of this instrument) of cat. "
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