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    The W-41's T-shirt(EUR 35-40; about $50) comes with a logo which includes this girls(guys)'s info(your MySpace page, Blog URL) that you can read it via the cellphone's app(you can download from w-41 website). If you see a cute girl with the W-41 T-shirt, you can take the logo photo with your camera phone and read by your phone, if you like this idea? You just buy any clothing available on the W-41 site that has this special logo on it, unique to only you with personal info and literally walk around with your social identity heart on your sleeve. I think it is a good way for you don't want to directly give him(her) phone number, give him a logo photo? cool?
    Source /   |   Price: EUR 35-40   |   BUY By Ben on Fri Oct 24 2008
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