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    Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz

    Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz
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    We have featured a multi-fun RuckJack, is a jacket and a bag, but the Vessel can be transformed a coat, a bag and a tent! This Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz. Vessel is a medium weight reversible jacket that can expand into a cocoon or collapse into sling bag. "Used when ever one feels the need to escape interactions in their present environment."
    Jacket: Different weights of Cordura were used for its extreme durability and stablity. Dark Bules were choose they are unobtrusive indoor and outdoors.
    Reversed Jacket: Cocoon is neatly zigzagged in tubes on the lowr back portiion of liner, to provide lumbar support when not in use.
    Sling Bag: Entire jacket cocoon can be collapsed into it self for greater ease of transport. Arms of jacket are tied to attach bag to body.
    Cocoon: The 1.1oz silicon impregnated ripstop nylon that makes up the bulk of the body of cocoon is about 90% opaque allowing the user light as well as soulds and smells of the outdoors. On the door is a 1in strip of mesh so that the person insider can clearly see out.

    By Ben on Tue Mar 10 2009
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