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    Uprise Energy 50kW Portable Power Center from Uprise
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    This concept called the Portable Power Center (PPC) from Uprise Energy.
    Once you're on the road, you can drive to the nearest rock festival site or campground that happens to fall off the established power grid, and in less than two hours you can be cranking out 50,000 watts of juice. Pop open the container open you'll find a trailer with the fold-open wind turbine built in, and a truck to pull the whole rig. In the animated video below.
    "Through intelligent programming, the machine is constantly monitoring weather patterns and adjusting itself to best capture energy from the wind. The machine rotates 360º to face the wind and adjust blade pitch and speed for optimum capture. When the wind is too strong, the computer automatically parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid damage." - Uprise "
    Via dvice, treehugger / By Ben on Mon Oct 22 2012
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