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    By Ben on Mon Dec 10 2007
    TurboChef Oven
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    TurboChef Oven both morden design and technology. This double oven cooks food in times that will surprise any seasoned cook; a 12lb turkey can be ready for the table in forty-two minutes. Better yet, it will do you a deep dish pizza in 6.5 minutes. To cook the same sized turkey in a regular oven would take about four hours. This oven features new air-speed technology cooks up to 15 times faster than a regular oven which propels hot air over your food at sixty miles per hour. Other features the menu dial lets you scrooll through the more than 600 options. Fast has its price For $7,500 the TurboChef double oven can be yours.

    Price: $7,500   |   BUY