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    Disposable razor with integrated shaving cream dispenser

    Titan All-in-One Razor
    Body  /  Grooming
    This Titan all-in-one razor($10) has real shaving cream inside the handle for up to a week or more of smooth, comfortable shaves per razor. Perfect for the business travell.
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    By Ben on Mon Jun 1 2009
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    iPhone7 Kevlar Fiber Case
    The LIKECOOLSTORE'S Kevlar Fiber iPhone Case($49 $89) is made from 100% DuPont ballistic Kevlar. The case is only 0.4mm, and only 12 grams(0.42 ounces). Kevlar is exceptionally strong at 5 times strength of steel on equal weight basis. No any signal eliminate. Or you can choose Benks iPhone 7 Case here, just $9.9.
    Benks  Matte Color iPhone Case
    The Benks Matte Color iPhone 7 /7 Plus Case($9.9) from LIKECOOLSTORE'S. The Benks iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus cases are lightweight and simple. The case is only 0.4mm ultra thickness, to keep iPhone 7 original thin and hand feeling! Made of hight quality polypropylene plastic. Available in matte black, matte blue, matte pink, transparent black, transparent white. Benks iPhone 6 Case here, just $9.
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