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    The Knuckle Comb
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    The Knuckle Comb is a retro comb with brass knuckles. Cool and fashion weapon for women. It can be used as a comb and it is also a brass knuckles. Designed by Ewa Bochen + Maciej Jelski from poland. "Our project combines feminine delicacy with power that characterize modern women. It is a gift-gadget, a hybrid of everyday use object - a comb with knuckle-duster. Use of silver plated metal and organic decoration gives the object vintage character of women's silver combs from 20' and knuckle-duster gives it naughty, punk style.Thanks to this strange cobination we received funny, controversial and on the other hand very sexy object, a perfect gift for dynamic and strong women. "
    Source / By Ben on Thu Feb 19 2009
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