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    Suitcase Folding Bicycle

    Suitcase Folding Bicycle
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    This Suitcase Folding Bicycle from Happy bike. Designed by believe. It is not a concept, is actually for sale. It can be folded bike into a complete suitcase, open or folding only 10 seconds. Weight 8-9 KG. You can see a wonderful demo at the below! Cool! The bike description after the more.

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    1.The vehicle used magnesium alloy die-casting molding, sturdiness and durability.
    2.Folded, the bike will become an angular the suitcase, and the use of environmental friendly, in the transportation or storage, not angular collision themselves or others.
    3.The unique design of baggage drawbars, folded state, can be used as drawbars to drive the bike in the cycle, half of drawbars can be pulled out as a luggage rack use.
    4.Tugs unique design.
    5.The unique handle design, easy on or off.
    6. Light weight, vehicle only 8-9 KG.
    7. Small size, only 0.039 M3 vehicle.
    8.Pate unique to the brakes, reducing the braking action of decomposition can improve braking efficiency, extended security warning time, Cycle more secure.
    9.PU foam-free high inflatable tires, can be completely free from leakage problems.
    10.The unique saddle quick system, which folded more convenient.
    11.The unique saddle freedom lifting system so that the saddle height adjustment become very easy.
    12.The unique foldable leading to fold more human.
    13.The unique built-in speaker system returned to its port after.
    14.The unique pedal folding system.
    15.The new water-basket design and bike design.
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    By Ben on Fri Oct 17 2008
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