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    Stunning New Blacklight Body Art by Artist John Poppleton

    Stunning New Blacklight Body Art by Artist John
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    Artist John Poppleton's “The Bob Ross of Black Light Body Painting”, In a darkened studio, painting with UV body paint under the illumination of the black light.
    "I’ve always been in awe and wonder of the beauty found in nature. Inspired by the colors and textures found in sunsets. The excitement and anticipation of the next lightning strike with its thunderous heart pounding report. Majestic waterfalls to sublime mountain skylines with their reflections in the still lakes found beneath them. From the eerie allurement of the Northern Lights to the cosmic artistry seen throughout the universe. …Coming from a photographic background I want my paintings to be as photo realistic as possible. In a darkened studio, while painting with UV body paint under the illumination of the black light, I’m literally painting with light. From the artist’s perspective it becomes a very surreal even spiritual experience.  "

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    By Ben on Wed Jul 15 2015
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