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Students launch a rubber chicken into space

By Ben on Tue Apr 24 2012
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This rubber chicken named Camilla. Camilla was tied to a helium balloon and floated 120,000 feet above earth to study solar storms as part of an experiment by a group of high school students and fifth graders. It used a helium balloon to launch Camilla and a lunchbox filled with cameras, a cryogenic thermometer, GPS trackers, seven insects, and 24 sunflower seeds 119,000 feet into the air.  The chicken was outfitted with radiation badges to measure the storm. The high school students involved in the project are part of a group called Earth to Sky from Bishop, California. Camilla was on loan to the group courtesy of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory where she serves as mascot in residence encouraging young women to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers.