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    Spy Sunglasses with Secret Dual Cameras

    Spy Sunglasses
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    You will see this spy sunglasses, it looks very cool in its functions. The Spy Sunglasses with Secret Dual Cameras($400) features the cameras hidden in the arms of the glasses which allow you to film film what is in your peripheral vision, you can switch the view via the glasses's button, the video is record on the receiver. The glasses can transmit to the receiver up to 15 metres, which features included 128M memory, 2GB of SD External storage and a 2.4 inch LCD so you can see the secret recordings. Detail specs check out more.
    Receiver Unit:
    Memory: 128MB
    External Memory: 2GB
    Display: 2.4 Inch LCD
    Video Capture Format: ASF
    Video Capture Resolution: 320กม240
    FPS (Frames per Second): 25fps
    Audio Record Format: 4bit WMA
    Viewing Format: AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VOB, DAT, ASF
    Music Format: MP3, WMA, OGG, AC3
    Bit rate: 32~320Kbps
    Picture Format: JPEG
    Earphone Jack: 3.5mm-10mW+10mW
    Output of Built In Speaker: 20mW
    Receiving Frequency: 2.414GHz, 2.432GHz, 2.450GHz, 2.468GHz
    Frequency Stabilization: +/-100Khz
    Receiving Sensitivity: <-85dBm
    Channels Available: 4
    Channel Scan and Channel Skip for multiple Cameras
    SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): 85dB
    Languages: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French, German
    USB: 2.0
    Power Source: 3.6 V 1300mAh Battery, 5 VDC Mains Connection
    Dimensions: 102กม71x25

    Camera & Sunglasses Specs:
    Image Device: 2 Colour CMOS Sensors
    TV system: PAL
    Angular Field of View: 60 Degrees
    Synchronization System: Internal
    Backlight Compensation: Auto
    White Balance: Auto
    Transmission Frequencies (4 Channels): 2.414GHz, 2.432GHz, 2.450GHz, 2.468GHz
    Locked Frequencies
    Output Power: 10mW
    Power Adapter: Internal 60mAh Battery (Approx 50 mins Operating Time
    Transmission Range: 15 metres Line of Sight
    Built In Microphone: Max Audio Range 4 Meters
    Dimension: 141mm front width, 40mm eyepiece height, 124mm arm length Via   |   Price: $400   |   BUY

    By Ben on Thu May 22 2008
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