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  • Snap! iPhone Camera Case

    By Ben on Wed Nov 2 2011
    Snap iPhone Camera Case
    Gear  |  Apple
    The SNAP! is an iPhone 4/4s from company Bitplay, that your iPhone look a lot like an actual camera. Cool design! The Snap! is made of three pieces – the metallic-looking upper half, the black lower half and the fake lens. There’s a dedicated shutter button and of course you can keep your device’s full functionality. You will be able to see a prototype at Tokyo Designer’s Week event if you happen to be in Japan this week. :
    "Camera or Phone? Redefine your iPhone with 'Snap!'. 'Snap!' has a real-camera look and sports a real shutter button. Blur the line between digital camera and phone. Shoot with ease, add fun to your life and experience a world full of great surprises!"

    Via ohgizmo, technabob
    Price: $TBA   |   BUY