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    By Ben on Tue Aug 11 2009

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    Sketch-3D is a system that enable uses to draw in three dimensions using three dials and two-color eyeglasses.
    "Sketch-3D is an interactive, integrated software/hardware system that enables users to create their own anaglyphic 3D drawings. By using a ubiquitous interface metaphor (the "Etch-A-Sketch "), Sketch-3D allows anyone to participate in generating stereoscopic imagery in a way that is simple and engaging. In addition to the personal experience, Sketch-3D can be scaled to work with any output device from large scale projection to plasma displays to an integrated LCD. This versatility allows for Sketch-3D to be tailored to fit a wide array of installation environments."
    It uses two applications over a Pico-ITX x86 SBC, a Windows Embedded Standard device. The application essentially uses two software 3D "cameras " that simulate the human eyes. These two cameras then output graphics using an anaglyphic (Red / Cyan) multiply effect thus creating the illusion of the drawing being truly three dimensional.