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    Poesy Illuminated Bed by Philippe Boulet

    Poesy Illuminated Bed

    Poesy Illuminated Bed
    The Poesy Illuminated Bed($TBA) by Philippe Boulet. Featuring a fantastic LED lighting system in the bedhead and footboard. It has a remote control that allowing you to change the colors of lighting, and you can also program the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice. Looking from the pics, the lighting is available in pink, bule, green and yellow colors. Cool!
    "Asleep yourself softly.
    Lower the luminous intensity and uncouple the light from the bedhead and the footboard for an intimist atmosphere.
    Wake-up with your favourite colours.
    Program the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice."

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    By Ben on Mon Aug 24 2009
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