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Mutewatch - "Swipe, Glow, Vibrate"

By Ben on Wed Aug 31 2011
Mutewatch Swipe Glow Vibrate
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The Mutewatch($259) is designed to be simple and intuitive.
Just tap the flat surface and the touch screen lights up, then swipe through the functions — clock, alarm and timer.
You set the time for your alarms by tapping directly on the digits — tap on the top of the digit for a higher number or on the bottom of the digit for a lower one.
When you want to erase an alarm, simply pinch the touch screen.
The Mutewatch also features a built-in motion sensor that registers your movement and automatically adjusts the strength of the vibrations. So, whether you're sleeping, on stage giving a presentation or doing your workout, the Mutewatch will keep you updated on your next step.
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