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By Ben on Thu Apr 9 2009

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Akaraolis has created a single wheeled bike concept, call Monobike, pics modeled by NURBS. Click 2 enlarge!
"Hi. I modeled a monobike some weeks ago as part of my Masters project at Bournemouth University. The course finished but i decided to spend some time to improve it and compose it on top of a photo.
Meanwhile i thought it would be nice idea to post it.
The model started in SolidWorks (engineering application) and then i added some details inside rhino. The bike was done with NURBS in 6 days. The real challenge was getting the nurbs into XSI. At the end i just convert it into a mesh obj. Details like bolds and nuts and rendering was done in XSI 7 using mentalray.
My main concern was to model a monobike that would use realistic or almost realistic parts and have something from WWII military bikes. "