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    MP3 Player T-Shirt
    Style  /  Apparel
    The T-shirts design for listening the music. The MP3 Player T-Shirt(EUR 45; about $70) has a pocket(hold your iPod) with a 1/8" jack connects to your iPod or Zune and a pair of headphones hooks in right behind your neck at the collar. "Stereo earphones are part of the t-shirt. You can unplug the upper part when not needed or to wash the garment. Side pocket with strap closure, to host the more common MP3 players and I-POD types. Button hole in the front side, to "hook" your jeans/pants button." In their website included a couple of MP3 Player T-shirts in different colors.
    Source /   |   Price: EUR 45   |   BUY By Ben on Thu Jun 5 2008
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