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    Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Cello
    Gear  /  MusicKit
    Cellist Yo-Yo Ma may take the stage today at President Obama's Inauguration with the instrument that many music enthusiasts by surprise. Black, with a single-piece body, neck and peg box, and with no scroll at the top, the cello is a high-tech carbon-fiber instrument designed to withstand the cold. By Luis Leguia and his Massachusetts-based company, Luis and Clark. If the weather warrants, he will be playing a 1733 Montagnana from Venice, is worth more than $2 million. The Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Cello($7,139) is just part of the carbon fiber suite of instruments, in his site, you can aslo see the carbon fiber viola, violin and bass.
    "The shape of the Luis & Clark cello makes it easier to play. It is played closer to the body so the bow arm does not have to be so high at the point of the A string, thus reducing one of the causes of the "sore shoulder syndrome." There is no sharp edge from the cello neck rubbing against the musician's chest, making this cello more comfortable to play. This instrument uses very little ebony, reducing demand of this endangered tree species. "
    Source /   |   Price: $7,139   |   BUY By Ben on Tue Jan 20 2009
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