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    Lifesized Lego Master Chief Armor

    Lifesized Lego Master Chief Armor
    Gear  /  DIY
    Ben Caulkins spent 6 months building Master Chief armor completely out of Lego.

    (I)t was after I saw some really amazing LEGO creations at my first LEGO convention, Brickworld, that I really seriously started thinking about it. At first it was just a fantasy, which is reasonable enough, I mean, come on, a full-blown LEGO Master Chief costume? It is pretty ridiculous. But when I started to take it seriously, I finally realized that it was possible, and I committed myself to it.
    I put a surprising amount of thought into which part I would construct first, and I finally settled on the helmet because I thought that if I could do a convincing MOC of the Master Chief’s helmet, and be able to wear it, I could do the rest of the suit.

    Via make, brothers brick / By Ben on Tue May 10 2011
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