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Knokkers – Billiards & Bowling

By Ben on Tue Jan 18 2011
Knokkers – Billiards Bowling
Gear  |  Sport
Steve Wienecke, a former semi-pro football player and cage fighter, who has designed and built the Knokkers. It looks like the pool table.  But instead of billiard balls it uses bowling balls. And the table is scaled up 4X its original size, allowing, and requiring, players to stand on it. The first  playable version was built in his backyard in Fredericktown, Missouri using loads of railway ties, gravel and of course concrete. The game is played pretty much exactly like standard 8-ball pool, the only real difference is that before your shot you’re allowed to pick up and move the cue ball, though you can’t move your feet once you’ve touched it.