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    Jumbo Jet Hostel

    Jumbo Jet Hostel
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    Jumbo Jet Hostel is a first hostel inside a real jumbo jet parked at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden. It is a retrofitted Boeing 747 jumbo jet, which was originally produced for theSingapore Airlines. The Jumbo Hostel contains 85 beds in 25 rooms of assorted capacities and sizes, including the cockpit suite(with spectacular views) that contains two beds or a dorm room for four adults. And Many original parts of the plane still remain, the lounge bar, first lass seats, as well as the oxygen maks. Now one thing the hostel has going for it is price -- a room starts at 350 Swedish krona (about A$63), which is a lot less than hotel rooms outside of major airports. Book here.
    "The world's first Jumbo Hostel finally opens! On January 15th Jumbo Hostel will be opening, the world's first hostel built on board a real Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet.
    Airplane type: Boeing 747-200
    Year of manufacture: 1976
    Name: Liv (after owner's daughter)
    Number of rooms: 25
    Number of beds in total: 85
    Number of beds per room: Three bunk beds
    Room size: Circa 6 square meters, 3 meters to ceiling " More pics after more.

    Photos Via dezeen, inhabitat and Reuters / By Ben on Sat Feb 28 2009
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