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    Interactive Portal Shirt

    Interactive Portal Shirt
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    Thinkgeek sells this Interactive Portal Shirt($100/each), featuring two wireless 5.8 GHz video cameras mounted in the front of each shirt along with two high-res LCD TFT screens, the camera in the orange shirt transmits the image to the blue shirt, and vise versa.
    Cool, the bule shirt's LCD will display everthing in front of the yellow shirt, and vice versa! " In this manner it seems as if a fully functional portal has been created between the chests of both subjects."
    - Electronic shirts simulate teleportation portals from the game Portal
    - Each shirt features a wireless 5.8Ghz pinhole video camera in the front
    - Embedded TFT LCD screens in the chest area of each shirt simulate the portal
    - The camera from one shirt transmits the image wirelessly to the other, and vise versa
    - Each shirt is powered by one 2190mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack stored in the included belt-pack
    - 1.5 to 2 hours continuous run time, 4.2 hours recharge time
    - All electronics are completely removable to enable shirts to be washed
    - Wired composite video input allows you to play video games or movies on the shirt screen
    - Shirts must be purchased as a pair to work properly
    - GLaDOS Promises a coupon for free cake will be included with each shirt purchase
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    By Ben on Tue Oct 6 2009
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