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    Haiku Fan
    This Haiku Fan(about $1,000) looks pretty. It is minimalism and efficiency. Three sleek and smooth airfoils meld into the motor housing to deliver what they call “organic essentialism”, which is designed to move more air with less effort.
    "Introducing Haiku’s Sensorless Drive Technology™, a unique, ultra-efficient direct current (DC) motor with patent-pending electronic controls. The core of the motor is a permanent toroid magnet, which is more efficient than the electromagnet used in most motors. Haiku sets a new standard for quiet ceiling fans, with windings tightly fixed within this totally-enclosed core, ensuring they will never separate and cause vibration.
    Haiku not only starts off quiet, but also stays quiet—even at high speeds, and even after years of use.
    The use of direct current and permanent magnets yields a motor 80% more efficient than traditional AC offerings.
    Between $825 and $1,045 depending on the materials.
    Source / By Ben on Sun May 6 2012
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