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HENK Suitcase

By Ben on Fri Apr 18 2008
HENK Suitcase
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The HENK(EUR 18,800; about $28,600) is a wheeled suitcase with a telescoping handle, which consistsed of 500 different parts, fashioned from variously from red Italian burl, black ebony, horse hair, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, parachute fabric and the finest leathers, twin wheels recess into the bag when not in use, and various levels on the top cause hidden compartments to open. When fully deployed, these sit 10 1/4" off centerline, giving the case so fine a balance that, when pulled, it feels almost weightless. Even fully loaded it exerts only 25 grams of pressure on one's fingers. That means you can command its motions literally with a single finger-tip. And its price expensive than my car.(Thanks,Victor)
Price: EUR 18,800   |   BUY