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Globe-Trotter Bulletproof Luggage

By Ben on Sat Aug 23 2008
Globe-Trotter Bulletproof Luggage
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If you need a bulletproof luggage? Would you travel in the Iraq or just let your money a bulletproof luggage? This Bulletproof Case from Globe-Trotter. Yes, bulletproof, its secret weapon. "This British luggage company invited famed industrial designer Ross Lovegrove(who designed the Sony Walkman) to design an exceptional piece of luggage to commemorate its 110th anniversary. Intending to create the world's lightest rigid suitcase, Ross shaped this bulletproof bag that weighs less than 1.35-kg(three pounds). It is molded from triaxial carbon/Kevlar composites by the Toray Corp. and Dupont in Japan. They have a molded rather than assembled aesthetic so they appear lightweight - as well as feel lightweight." And the price, retail for $3,500. The Lovegrove-designed Air Cabin will take a bow during New York Fashion Week scheduled next month.

WWD Via Bornrich
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