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Gift guide: Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener

By Ben on Wed Dec 21 2011
Gift guide Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener

Gift guide Adjustable Brass Pencil Sharpener
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This Pencil Sharpener looks Cool!
"Why this product?
Durable, functional and weighted like a bullet, this brass sharpener earns its keep with minimal effort.Little more than a rotating brass knurl, a sharp stainless steel blade, a couple of screws and a sculpted hunk of solid brass, it manages to do more with less. A turn of the knurl produces three kinds of points: a sharp one for fine and precise lines, a medium one for letter-writing, and a rounded one for sketching and shading."
Faced with the dilemma of different pencil-sharpness needs for different tasks, a group of German engineers in the 1950s developed this functional, no-nonsense tool. It was the first of its kind, and is produced by Dux, a company that’s been making pencil sharpeners out of their German factory for a hundred years.
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