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Garlic Rocker

By Ben on Mon Aug 8 2011
Garlic Rocker

Garlic Rocker
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"This elegant device makes cooking with fresh garlic an effortless and robust experience.
Press the tool down with a rocking motion and the design's natural leverage crushes garlic instantly.
Pushed up through the mesh of holes, the garlic is held in the basin of the tool, ready to be scraped into your pan.
The one-piece design makes cleaning a snap — no struggling to get the last bits of garlic out of hinges and crevices.
Bonus: Stainless steel has natural odor fighting properties, so cleaning the tool actually helps remove any residual garlic odor from your hands.
Designed in London by Richard & Anthony Joseph.
7.25"L x 1.5"W x 0.75"H.
Stainless steel.
$15 (garlic not included)..."
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