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    Gm And Segway's Two-Wheeler P.U.M.A. Project

    GM Segway P.U.M.A. Project

    GM Segway P.U.M.A. Project
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    GM and Segway are developing an electrically powered, two-seat prototype vehicle that has only two wheels. The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project(P.U.M.A.) is a self balancing two-wheeled vehicle can reach the top speed of 35 mph(Segway's top speed at 12 mph). P.U.M.A. has an lithium battery that allows to travel for up to 35 miles on a single charge and it also with the vehicle-to-vehicle communications for reducing the risk of accidents and regulating the flow of traffic. No word on price, but it will cost about one-fourth to one-third of a a regular automobile. "And imagine doing this for one-fourth to one-third the cost of what you pay to own and operate today's automobile." said Larry Burns, GM vice president of research and development. The P.U.M.A. project will make its official debut at the New York Auto Show this week.
    What are the specifications for this prototype?
    Passengers: Currently configured for 2, but could carry more
    Top speed: Aimed to travel between 25 and 35 mph (40 ĘC 56 kph)
    Range: Aimed to have a 25 ĘC 35 mile range (40 ĘC 56 km)
    Weight: Currently ~300 lbs/136 kg
    Key/system information: Wireless via handheld
    Charge time: ~8-10 hours
    Turning radius: Zero


    By Ben on Mon Apr 6 2009
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