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    Fore-edge painting: It's a secret

    Foreedge painting It s a secret

    Foreedge painting It s a secret
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    From the University of Iowa Special Collections & Archives website, posted by Colleen Theisen: "This is one example of a fore-edge painting from a four volume set of scientific books* which are divided by season. Each has a landscape painting of the season hidden until you begin to read it and bend the pages to turn them."
    *"Autumn; or; The causes, appearances, and effects of the seasonal decay and decomposition of nature"; 1837. By Robert Mudie.
    Via bookofjoe, William Gibson

    By Ben on Thu Sep 5 2013
    Pictre of day Moon
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    lighting and moon
    Pictre of day NASA s InSight Lander Sends Back Stunning Image of the Martian
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    The first released photo taken by NASA’s Insight lander after the removal of its lens cover....
    Gif rainning
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    Gif biking 211534569879126966
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    Halloween  Adorably Creepy Little Girl Carrying Her Own Head On A Plate Halloween
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    This is a short video of a little girl named Maya showing off her Halloween costume this year,...
    Picture of day A Map of Superheroes in NYC and Where They
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    The Superheroes: Who Protect New York City
    Gif  nbsp I knew it
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    " I knew it!"
    Gif skateboard
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    Gif Scramble
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    Picture of day Homer Simpson in Real Life
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    3D artist Miguel Vasquez has created a fantastic 3D rendering that imagines what Homer Simpson...
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    Inflatable Pink Coffin Pool Float
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    Designer Andrew Greenbaum has created the Pom Pom Float, an inflatable pink coffin pool float. The...
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