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    Flava Flav x iPad 2 = Clik Clok aka "World's worst iPad 2 accessory"

    Flava Flav x iPad 2 = Clik Clok aka Worlds worst iPad 2

    Flava Flav x iPad 2 = Clik Clok aka Worlds worst iPad 2
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    "Clik Clok is an iPad 2 accessory only Flava Flav — and diehard fans — could love. It is a big gold (or silver or red) chain necklace that attaches to the new iPad using its magnetic points. As soon as it's clicked in, the clock app automatically launches, so you can… look like Flava Flav. " From Pensa.
    "Tired of having to carry your iPad in a bag? Or worse yet...in your hand? Looking for a convenient way to have your iPad with you at all times whether you are at work, out with friends, or working out? Have you ever looked down at your stylish giant clock necklace and wondered, "HEY! Why can't this thing browse the internet, play music, and let me video chat with my friends?" If you answered "Yeaaah Boyeee!" to any of these questions, then click your iPad into the Clik Clok! Just attach to the Clik Clok necklace to the magnetic points on any iPad 2 and the clock app automatically launches. Voila! Form, function and fashion all together in one convenient iPad accessory. "

    Via bookofjoe, core77

    By Ben on Fri Mar 18 2011
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