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Fitz Roy Climbing Wall

By Ben on Mon Jul 16 2012
Fitz Roy Climbing Wall
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Fitz Roy Climbing Wall, a climbing wall with a hole pattern that replicates Patagonia's famous peak, by Christoph Schindler.
"The Fitz Roy Climbing Wall is a DIY item that makes Patagonia's famous peak accessible for kids." says Schindler. "We used a 2500 x 1250 x 15 mm plywood-board and painted it. The hole pattern for the image and the holes for the climbing holds were drilled with an old CNC 3-axis-router. Although the pattern looks complex, there was no scripting involved and everything was prepared with standard software tools."
"First we selected a nice image, in our case we decided for an image of Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Then we created a surface with the 'heightfield from image'-operation in Rhino, choosing a height of 3mm. The milling is done with Plunge Roughing, a standard CAM operation. In Plunge Roughing, the tool makes a series of plunges to remove cylindrical plugs of material."

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