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    Dark Ops Wii Light Gun

    Dark Ops Wii Light Gun
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    Certainly this Wii Gun is Cool looking while playing Umbrella Chronicles! The Cobalt Flux's Dark Ops Wii Light Gun($20) allows for independent use of the Wii nunchuck, gives you easy access to all buttons on the remote with one hand while preserving realistic trigger action. Featuring fresnel light-bending tech let's you aim the gun instead of the remote.

    •Preserves independent use of the nunchuck. Lets you play every game with a gun!
    •Ergonomic Pistol Grip sits comfortably in your hand.
    • Full Access to all the buttons on the Wii remote.
    •Lock 'N Load - Easy loading and unloading of Wii remote - loads like a clip.
    •Double grips for one or two handed action.
    • Great styling to match any game.
    • Fresnel light-bending technology let's you aim the gun instead of the remote. Via   |   Price: $20   |   BUY

    By Ben on Thu Mar 12 2009
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